• LeanServer / LeanSentry

    2012 – Present

    C#, ASP.NET, Razor MVC, PHP (WordPress), PowerShell (Nuget and automated deployment), MSSQL, AWS (EC2, IAM, DynamoDB), Azure

    I help develop the flagship product LeanSentry. LeanSentry automatically detects & diagnoses your ASP.NET web applications.

  • Eve Quanter


    Python, Flask, PostgreSQL, sqlite, ZeroMQ

    Eve Quanter is a small program that reads data from the Eve Market Data Relay (EMDR). EMDR pushes data from several Eve Online market data sources into one giant firehose. Eve Quanter reads from this stream, buffers the data to an in-memory queue, and then dequeues it later and writes to the database.

    The front-end was built in Flask to show the most recent trades. The point of the program is to find the most profitable trades in the Eve universe at any given time, as well analyze market trends.

  • Bolt Analytics


    Ruby, Sinatra, PostgreSQL, AWS

    Bolt Analytics automatically filters data from LinkedIn to reduce the time spent filtering candidates while hiring. I built the MVP for a friend to pitch; it was his idea and I provided the execution.

  • Bitcoin Oracle


    Go, Python

    A bitcoin oracle allows people to create very simple contracts that can be verified by the oracle itself. A user can create a contract where a number of bitcoins are transferred on certain external conditions becoming true, among others. For example, a grandfather leaving his inheritance to his grandson when he passes. A script would be uploaded to the oracle that would call an API to determine if the grandfather had passed away. If true, a transaction in the block chain would register as true and bitcoins would be released. The oracle doesn’t actually know how many coins are being transferred, where they’re coming from, or where they’re going to – it only knows that there is a transaction that is locked until a condition is met. For more information, see

  • WriteRight (Chrome Extension)



    A super-simple Chrome extension to help a friend with online editing. She frequently needed to convert proper names to title case, as well as get defitions, synonyms, and antonyms. I don’t think I ever fully completed it.

  • Web services endpoint

    2012 – Present

    C#, MSSQL, EC2

    I built a simple SOAP-based web service endpoint for a client. All it had to do was received a request and stuff it into a MSSQL database.

    I also advised the client on their options when it came to scale and performance.

  • Naval Research Lab

    Summer 2011


    Can’t talk about it. Involved low-level programming.

  • Tar-based file system (CS154)

    Fall semester, 2010


    With two other team members, I wrote a tar-based file system for a component-based academic operating system namedComposite.

    Composite itself had no file system component, so the idea was to give it some sort of backing storage provider. The simplest was just an archive (tar).

    Just in case you were wondering, the tar specification is awful.

  • RCR System (CS146W)

    Spring semester, 2010

    Ruby, Sinatra, PostgreSQL

    The course is outlined at

    I worked on Project A. It was a team project in which we had to create a Responsible Conduct of Research system.

    In order to work with certain materials or objects, you need to be certified to do that work (e.g. lasers, since they can easily damage eye sight and so on). The RCR system was designed to show who received training when, where, and by who, in additional to showing why they needed said training.

    Our project was chosen as the best. I laid out the DB schema, wrote the session & authentication handlers, all of the AJAX code for selecting researchers, the layout files, and several other large parts of the program.

  • The School of Washington


    PHP, MySQL, WordPress

    The School of Washington was an on-campus printed publication. I built a custom WordPress theme and installed everything for them.

  • Fraternity Rush Recruitment Software

    Fall semester, 2010

    PHP, MySQL, jQuery+AJAX

    During the rush process for a fraternity, there are a lot of rushees. This makes it difficult in larger fraternities to have any ordered voice or vote as to which rushees they deem most important to recruit.

    I built a system that had private logins, and as rushees came in we would catalog their name & information in Excel. At the end of the night, all rushees were exported into a MySQL db through an Excel reader.

    From there, fraternity members could vote and comment on rushees.

    I also built a mobile-only version so it was easy and accessible on phones.

  • Robotics Research

    Summer 2009, 2010, 2011

    Java, C

    I performed robotics research under Dr. Rahul Simha at the George Washington University with money from the National Science Foundation.

    The goal was to make a unified robotics operating system, similar to ROS, but exclusively in Java. We wanted to have an API that freshmen could engage with, and upperclassmen could peel back to do more advanced behavior.

    We used 4 different robots and a simulator. You could write a program that interfaced with our API that then worked on all platforms.

  • Bounty (web)

    Two weeks in summer 2006

    PHP (w/ GD libraries), MySQL, Apache, extensive Javascript (pre-JQuery)

    Bounty was a challenge I set for myself. I worked all day at the high school and programmed Bounty all night. It was an interactive web RPG with AJAX-like behavior using iframes and javascript.

    It included high score boards, leveling, a massive administrative back end, different maps & game areas, and a story. Eventually I wanted players to be able to dual each other but that never came about.

  • Premier Homes Real Estate Website & Rental Brochure


    PHP, MySQL, Apache

    The website has gone through several revisions, which you can find at I no longer maintain said website, and haven’t for years.

    The rental brochure application was straight forward. The company needed an easy way to manage and consistently lay out properties they had for rent. They then needed to be able to print them. Very straightforward.

  • Ocean City School District Website & Calendar; Tech Staff

    Summer 2005, 2006, 2007

    PHP, MySQL, IIS, MS Access

    Built a full content management system for the website, since a lot of custom features were required. Ended up building a full tree structure in the database and in PHP without ever being taught data structures or effective techinques for recursion. First major project.

    The district calendar was a different challenge since they explicitly wanted the backing database to be MS Access. The calendar also needed to be printable.

    As for tech staff, I created custom Windows images to be put on each machine. This included extensive security tweaks. I also frequently dealth with user management in Active Directory.

  • Zibings Forum


    PHP, MySQL, Apache

    I met a man named Andrew Male ( while playing a game called DroidArena (long defunct). He helped me learn how program, and eventually I ended up writing a forum for his company. It was more of an exercise in database design and understanding how to get so many moving pieces working.

  • OzNet


    PHP, MySQL, Apache

    OzNet was my first “big” project. It was a full CMS that I built for myself. I built multiple themes, and visitors could switch between the themes. State was saved via cookies. Originally I wanted OzNet to be a single-sign on portal (akin to something like OpenId), but that never came to fruition.


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